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In order to provide an opportunity for the discussion of any request or complaint and to establish a procedure for the processing and settling of grievances, the following steps should be followed by students and/or parents who believe that they have a justifiable request, complaint and/or grievance:


*The student must first discuss the problem with his/her Form Teacher. This step shall be recognized as the most important opportunity for sincere and responsible effort to arrive at a fair and speedy solution.
*If the request, complaint and/or grievances are not resolved at step 1, the student may present his/her case to the Grade Coordinator for resolution.
*If the request, complaint and or grievances are not resolved at step 2, the student may present his/her case to the Vice Principal with responsibility for that grade for resolution.  At this stage, an investigation team may be of assistance in resolving the problem.
*If all of the above points to resolve the issue are taken, and the issue is still unresolved, then the matter should be referred to the Principal.



*Submit a written copy of complaints/grievances to the office of the principal and PTA president.
*Contact school to confirm a mutually convenient meeting time to discuss the complaints/grievances.
*If the complaints/grievances are not resolved at step 2, request in writing (through PTA president) that the matter be referred to the School Board.

*If all of the above steps to resolve the matter are taken, and it is still unresolved, then the matter should be referred to the Ministry of Education, Region 6 office.


It is the policy of Dinthill Technical High School to maintain students’ records in an efficient and effective manner in order to expedite reports and to ensure current and accurate recording of all data in a manner that will preserve the confidentiality and privacy of personal records.

*The Secretary is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and securing personal records for all students.
*Information kept on each student should include their personal data, academic records, awards, index number, and evaluation of attitude/conduct. 
*The personal records are locked in a fireproof cabinet in the Administrative Office.
*The Principal, Vice Principals, Guidance Counsellor and Secretary will be the only individuals with access to these records.
*Upon receipt of a written request and stipulated payment, transcript will be prepared and sent to the institutions or organizations requesting same.
*Students who wish to access their personal file may do so in the presence of the Guidance Counsellor, Secretary, Principal or Designate.  Students are not permitted to add or remove any document from their personal files.



Appeals are allowed to students/ parents where there are cases of anomalies/discrepancies in assessment.   There is an Appeal Committee in place to handle the appeal process which is as follows:

1.  Students/parents should discuss the matter with the teacher.

2.  If an amicable solution is not arrived at, the matter is then referred to the Head of
Department who will meet with the teacher.

3.  The Head of Department will do the necessary investigation and then forward his/her findings to the Appeals Committee for arbitration. 4.  The decision of the Appeals Committee will be communicated to the student/parent within 5 working days in writing and the necessary adjustment(s) are made to the records.


 Students are expected to observe the following-

a)      Demonstrate acceptable decorum at all times on and off campus while in uniform.
Inappropriate behaviors will be met with stringent disciplinary action.

b)      Conform with school principles and policies in conjunction with civilized human
conduct to foster amicable working relationships

c)      Never establish an inappropriate relationship with any student.

d)     If it can be proven that any student has illegally received money or any personal
items  of value from another, the individual will be discipline immediately, which may
result in expulsion.

e)      It is the duty and responsibility of every student in the class to establish and maintain a clean, hygienic, orderly, businesslike atmosphere to foster satisfactory results.

f)       Maintain an acceptable level of academic performance of at least 65% failing which, students will lose their place in the school, in addition there must be evidence that
each student is working to his/her full potential.

g)      There is to be no entertaining or fraternizing with other students in the classrooms
during or after school hours;

h)      Visitors must never be invited unto the compound or into the classroom.

i)        Appropriate dress code, as dictated by the school, must be observed at all times;

j)        Students must promptly respond to the bell/call for devotion and principal hour at all
times, and participate in all student activities planned by the school.

k)      Every student is expected to observe the expressed appropriate values and attitudes that are outlined by the school.

l)         Students must observe and conform to the schedule times for school and classes.

m)    Students are expected to assist school’s administration by carry out responsibilities
and duties so assigned.



A detention is given for minor offences which do not warrant a weighty punishment. Detentions are served during the lunch break or after school on day(s) they are given, under the supervision of the Dean of Discipline, teachers and/or prefects.

Reasons for Detention:
Chronic lateness (two times in one week)
Absconding classes and/or Loitering
Shouting in the classroom or loud unnecessary outburst.
Failure to complete or submit assignments


A demerit is a punishment given to students for action which violates the rules and regulations of the school. It is a weighty punishment, which is twice as severe as a detention and forms a permanent part of the student’s record. Demerits are served by means of community service as dictated by the principal or vice-principals.

Reasons for Demerit:

* Failure to report for detention
* Gross insolence and/or vulgar behaviour
* Provocation of another student resulting in violent behaviour
* Cheating and/or dishonesty
* Lying and/or disobedience
* Receiving two detentions in one week


Suspension A suspension is an enforced “Time-out” from school for a set number of days as stipulated by the Ministry’s Code of Regulation. All suspensions form a permanent part of the student’s record.

Reasons for Suspension:

* Stealing, fighting or extremely vulgar and rude behaviour
* Verbal and/or physical threats to teachers, students and others
* Possession and use of weapons, drugs or illegal substances 
* Vandalism and destruction of school property
* Leaving school without permission
* Failure to report for a demerit
* Any other such acts deemed inappropriate by the school regulations.