Dinthill Technical High School

GRADE 12 (6th Form) Hospitality and Tourism Management PROGRAMMECOURSE OFFERING FOR 2020-2021

Qualifications for Entry:

1.      Career Advancement Programme (CAP) NVQ/CVQ,  Minimum Level 2 Certification

2.      HEART Trust/NTA, NVQ – Minimum Level 2 Certification

Documents Needed For Application Process

  • Copy of last school report (Before March 2020) for upload
  • Completed Occupational Associate Degree Scholarship Grant Application Form for upload
  • Copy of recent passport size picture for upload (no older than six months)
  • Certified Copy of CXC|NVQ-J/CVQ|City & Guilds Stage 3 results for upload
  • Recommendation from last school attended for upload
  • Any other relevant documents for upload

Download a copy of the Occupational Associate Degree Scholarship Grant Form below to Qualify for FREE Tuition.

For further information Contact:
Mrs. Treshia Gordon Brown

CLICK THE “APPLY NOW>> ” BUTTON IF YOU HAVE YOUR PHOTO SCANNED. All other documents may be submitted when you are accepted. You can continue your application without these documents.