Principal Report 2016

2016 Graduation School Report
Mr. Lloyd Fearon – Principal

Principal - Mr. Lloyd Fearon, July 2016

    Principal – Mr. Lloyd Fearon, June 2016

It is indeed a privilege and honour to share this platform with the guest speaker – an esteemed alumnus and medical doctor, one who I have no doubt will be challenging us and in particular the graduands under the theme: “ Pursuing Excellence Passionately. It is my pleasure to address this august audience, to be with young people who are passionate about making their mark on the world; it also allows me to share the joy, energy and spirit that are commonly associated with youth. 

I am energized and encouraged at the limitless potential of these milliards that are prepared to be thrust out of the nest to take on the world.  Their educational foundation, social skills, ethics and character development make me confident that they can be quality citizens of the world.

Mr. Chairman, it is with mixed emotions that I deliver this 2015/2016 School’s Report. As a school we are saddened and challenged by the death of three (3) members of the school’s community – Miss Lorraine McTaggart, a worker of 19 years who died suddenly in December 2015.  Mr. Everton Samuda an outstanding Mathematics and Science Teacher of 29 years who was murdered at the hands of gunmen in April and the sudden passing of our would be graduate Shemar Mitchell of 11 Business Clerical. 

I wish to pause to honour and remember their lives.

Despite the difficulties we face, I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the successes and remarkable achievement of this institution. Before us today, are promising young men and women, who have reached a milestone in their lives and are earnestly, looking forward to new challenges.  We also have parents who have supported their children with unfailing and selfless love; and educators who have worked passionately and tirelessly in leading and nurturing our students ensuring their total development.

Being one of the leading technical high schools in Jamaica we are cognizant of the pivotal role we play in ensuring that the curriculum is relevant and rigorous in preparing our students to be employable citizens of this global community .

We are   committed to renewing ourselves to ensure our students are lifelong learners who are equipped for the 21st century with the requisite skills of decision making, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

I am pleased to report that here at Dinthill; provision is being made for the immersion of the STEM Curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as a practical alternative for all students.  We are unrelenting in our effort to equip the students to meet the changing needs of the society, to explore the professional potential of the teachers and cultivate a culture of excellence in our school.   In terms of curriculum design, we have given flexibility and freedom to the teachers to try new initiatives and to develop the multiple-intelligences of our students.


Dinthill started the academic year with a staff complement of seventy two (72) academic, sixteen (16) administrative and twenty-seven (27) ancillary workers.

The complement includes two (2) Vice Principals, two (2) Guidance Counsellors, a Teacher Librarian and one (1) Dean of Discipline.

We welcome on board Mr. Wentworth Kelly – who serves in the capacity of Dean of Discipline and is doing an excellent job.  Other new recruits are as follows:

Mr. Raheem Jackson, Miss Jeannet Nelson, Miss Tamara Hayles and Mrs. Kaydian Walters-Frith.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff continues to be the engine of the organization.  We also welcome Mr.  Rickonie Johnson – Laboratory Technician to this complement. 

Ancillary Staff

Our ancillary staff ensures that the ambiance of the Dinthill is being maintained.   Let me use this opportunity to welcome six (6) new recruits: Miss Daila Edwards, Miss Aveana Johnson, Miss Erica Wright, Miss Dyeba Garnet, Mr. Keron Gray and Mr. Jonathan Hibbert  to this department and implore the team to work cohesively to maintain the environs in which we execute our daily tasks.


Our student population is 1447 of which, 650 are boys and 797 are girls. 

Examination Results

We are more than happy to share our academic achievements for the 2014/2015 school year. Among the Technical High schools we were ranked first in English Language and second in Mathematics in the 2015 CSEC Examination maintaining our 100% pass rate in Agriculture.  In addition we gained the top awards in CAPE Agriculture for the Caribbean.  We continue to have marked improvement in all subject areas.  In Mathematics, for example we attained a 73% pass rate and are committed to inspiring our students to excel. 

A total of 25 units were offered in the CAPE Examination and 100% pass rate was obtained in twelve (12) units.  Grades ranging from 76 – 97% were achieved in all except Mathematics.

In the CSEC Examination, our students were entered for twenty nine (29) subjects and obtained 100% pass rate in Agriculture, both double and single awards, also in Building Technology, Building Construction and Physical Education. We achieved 93 – 99% pass rates in seven (7) subjects, 82 – 85% passes in six (6) subjects, 72 – 79% passes in five (5) subjects with both Mathematics and English included in the range.  Achieving maximum pass rate in Chemistry and Physics continues to be our biggest challenge.


As part of our continued effort to enhance our aesthetics as well as to complement our academic drive, several projects were funded by the school, the alumni association and other stakeholders over the period 2015/2016 which include:

  • The re-roofing of the piggery unit and the refurbishing of two (2) chicken houses to ensure that the broiler project remains viable.
  • Re-roofing and re-tiling of the Management flat
  • Repainting of classroom blocks – several classrooms and buildings including the Home Economics Labs.
  • Installation of drainage pipe on the basket ball court
  • Renovation of the grade eight (8) and grade ten (10) bathrooms and installation of extractor fan in the staff bathroom
  • The resurfacing of the football field


Dinthill offers four major areas of specialization:  Agriculture Technology, Business Education, Engineering Technology, and Home Economics.

Agriculture Technology

Currently there are five (5) specialist groups within this department. Grades 9 – 11, are being prepared for double and single award Agriculture Sciences; while grades 12 and 13 are pursuing Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the CAPE level.  Currently the grades 9 and 10 are assessed on a new curriculum in Crop and Small Ruminant Production at the CVQ Level and grades 7 and 8 will do a revised ROSE Curriculum emphasizing the STEM methodology as we seek to widen the learning scope and satisfy the Ministry’s mandate.

Farm Enterprises

Broilers:  Dinthill continues to partner with Caribbean Broilers producing 120,000kg of meat annually.

Goat:  The school was blessed with a small ruminant project this school year from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries in the form of four (4) graded boer ewes and a pure bred boer ram.  A new unit was constructed to house these animals.

Piggery:  The piggery unit has recently received well needed renovation even though there is still much more to be done.

Aqua-ponics:  The unit is still functional although production was severely reduced as a result of praedial larceny.  The unit was raided of its fish twice and a number of the pipes were damaged.

Currently, the unit has six (6) beds of escallion.

Open-fields:  Throughout the year, a large variety of vegetable crops were produced to include Cabbage, callallo, sweet pepper, hot pepper, irish potatos, pak choi, pumpkin and corn.

Guidance and Counselling Unit

The Guidance and Counselling Unit has played a crucial role in the lives of the students at the Dinthill Technical High School.  The Unit ensures that preventive activities were executed to enhance students’ performance and development; as well as to mitigate undesirable behaviours.  The relevant stakeholders which include staff, students and parents were encouraged to participate in order to ensure that the programme remains viable.  Some of the activities undertaken were: parent month seminars, drug awareness exhibition and career expositions.

Students also received guidance in Career Education and External Recruitment.  They participated in Career, Open and Research Days activities of Colleges and Universities as well as Service Clubs.  Students benefitted from these programmes in that they garnered the relevant information about these institutions and were more informed of emerging career options.

Mr Chairman, there is an increase in the number of beneficiaries of the PATH Programme over the 2015/2016 period.  A total of nine hundred lunches were distributed to students three (3) days per week.  Since September 2015 to June 2016, 24,586 lunches were served through the PATH Programme at a cost of $220 each totaling $5, 408,920.00.

Work Experience

The goals and objectives of the Work Experience Programme are to incorporate and expose our students to the real work world. In so doing, they will better appreciate and understand the demands.

There are thirty-five work stations in Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine which accommodated over one hundred and fifty students throughout the slated period.  Through this engagement, our students have demonstrated high quality work ethics.

Business Education

The Department must be commended for the overall outstanding performance in the CSEC and CAPE Examination results ranging in passes from 96 – 99% in Principles of Business, Economics and Office Administration and 75% in Principles of Account with similar result in the CAPE Examinations.

We are pleased that our grade 10 students will be adopting part of the new thrust of the Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) for the 2016–17 academic year.  The programme will give students hands on approach to the business world.

Computer Studies Department

In the offering of computer literacy, Information Technology, EDPM and Computer Science, even with limited resources our students are making strides obtaining a 92% overall pass rate in the last external examinations.

Natural Sciences

These areas are integral to the development and growth of the nation.  A solid background in the sciences is essential for the advancement of any nation.  All students specializing in Agriculture, Engineering and Home Economics are expected to sit at least one science subject at the CSEC level.  

Home Economics

All three areas Food and Nurtrition, Home Economics Management and Clothing and Textiles obtained a 96% pass rate in CSEC and 100% pass in NCTVET Cosmetology.  Cape Food and Nutrition obtained 100% in both Units 1 and 2.

Language Department

The Department of Language and communication remains committed to its mission to ensure quality teaching for high-level achievement in students… Commendations are in order for retaining the number one place in Technical High Schools in Jamaica, based on the CSEC 2015 English A Examination. 

Mathematics Department

Mr.  Chairman, we are encouraged by the result of the CSEC Mathematics.  The strategies and methodologies employed by the department have paid dividend as the percentage pass rate as increased to 73%.
Visual and Performing Arts and Extra-Codal Activities

The Dinthill Technical High school provides a plethora of extracurricular activities and has an enviable list of extra-codal activities.   There are thirty-nine (39) clubs and societies geared towards training and developing the leadership, social and interpersonal skills of our students, ensuring that they are rounded citizens who appreciate the value of volunteerism. 

The School participated in the JCDC Competition this year in Music and Speech.   The Speech Club copped 2 golds, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals and the 2 gold medal items were selected for the national finals. Participation in the National Spanish Festival allowed the school to earn1 gold, 5 silvers, 2 bronze medals and a certificate of merit.

Our footballers excelled this year by being the semi finalists in the Ben Francis Cup and the finalists in the DaCosta Cup Football Competitions.  The athletes participated in the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships and were also represented at the Penn Relays in Pennsylvania, USA.

Bon Voyage

I invite you to join me in thanking the following persons who have touched our lives in one way or the other:  Mr. Ricardo Mattis and Miss Roshea Edwards who have resigned, Miss Renee Higgins, Miss Ashana Johns, Mrs. Doxene Dunkley-Graham and Miss Tiffany Biggs who substituted for teachers who were on vacation leave.

Miss Celia Rose – Nurse and Mr. Jonathon Hibbert – members of the Administrative and Ancillary Staff who have left us.

We recognize the following teachers who will be retiring: Mr. Robert Henry – head of the Agriculture Department and teacher of Agriculture for the past thirty three (33) years. 

Mrs. Hyacinth Walters – Head of the Language and Communication Department and teacher of Language and Literature demits office in August 2016. 

We are so grateful to Mrs. Dawn Gordon-Gyles who for the past twenty-two (22) years has given leadership to the Administrative Department and served the Dinthill Technical High School for a total of thirty six (36) years.  Mrs. Gordon-Gyles retires in November 2016.

Thank you!