About Us

The Dintscan0002hill Technical High school began on April 1, 1938, as a practical training centre offering skill training in agriculture and allied trades to young 15-17 years of age. The aim then was to make a profitable business out of farming. Forty students under the guidance of Superintendent, Mr. F. A. Foster inaugurated the programme on the Dinthill property comprising of 137 1/2 acres. The agriculture programme-complemented by training in such skills as carpentry, welding, motor mechanics, shoemaking and mattress-making was based on a work-study system.
In the mid-fifties, with government’s emphasis on rural development the status of the institution was changed to a Rural Secondary Technical School. While this did not influence any significant alterations to the curriculum it involved development in financing and consequently, student-intake and staffing.In September, 1961, the status was againscan0003 changed this time to Dinthill Technical High School. By then, the enrolment had increased to over 200 students, which now included girls as well. Vast changes in the curriculum and the structure of the school were put into effect.
The academic programme was now largely technical-based although agriculture was retained as a feature. since then, the school has continued to grow with new curricula added and current enrolment standing at approximately 1, 400 students.

Special Features:
* Ample and arable land appropriate for agriculture.
* Bio-Digester plant.
* Extensive playfields for multifarious activities.
* Elearning Jamaica Project
* Income-earning agriculture project.