Meet Our Principal

Dinthill High Principal 2012I am proud to be at the helm of this institution that has served the nation for the past 75 years. My ultimate goal is to continue to expand and maintain programmes and activities for which the Dinthill is known. In an effort to meet the demands of the new era, much energy will be expended to the development and the understanding of the new technologies, and to educate all the students in our care as a whole person with academic, social, and spiritual values; especially those of morality, justice for all and selfless service to others, thus ensuring our rightful place in the future.  

We look forward to sharing information and friendship through this website; and hope to serve you well. This website, will serve to be the link with the wider school community and by extension, the world. With God’s blessings.

Lloyd T. Fearon

Worthy of mention is the fact that Mr. Lloyd Fearon is an alumnus, who returned in September 2012 to take up the mantle as principal from recently retired headmaster Dennis Clarke.