Academic Achievers


The School recognizes students on a termly basis for their academic prowess in internal examinations. The Examinations are done twice per year, December and June of the academic year.  In order for students to make the Honour Roll, they must attain an average of 85% and above.

Honour Roll Recipients (1st Semester) 2021 – 2022 Academic Year 

Honour Roll Recipients 2012 – 2013 Academic Year 

2013AcaAwardee24 2013AcaAwardee23 2013AcaAwardee22 2013AcaAwardee212013AcaAwardee20 2013AcaAwardee19 2013AcaAwardee18 2013AcaAwardee16 2013AcaAwardee15 2013AcaAwardee14 2013AcaAwardee13 2013AcaAwardee12 2013AcaAwardee11 2013AcaAwardee10 2013AcaAwardee92013AcaAwardee8 2013AcaAwardee7 2013AcaAwardee6 2013AcaAwardee5 2013AcaAwardee4 2013AcaAwardee3 2013AcaAwardee2 2013AcaAwardee1 2013AcaAwardee25

Honour Roll Recipients 2011 – 2012 Academic Year  Acheivers2012

Top CSEC and CAPE Achievers 2011 – 2012 Academic Year

TonyAnn      Kristen

Sadreon      Tashae

National Math Olympiad Recipient: 2012