Grades 7 – 11


* Agricultural Technology
Agricultural Business
AgriProg3 AgriProg1 AgriProg2

Business Education

* Secretarial Skills
Clerical Skills
Information Technology

Industrial Arts (Engineering Technology)

* Automechanics
Building Technology
Electrical/Electronics Technology
Mechanical Technology

Home Economics

* Food and Nutrition          
  FoodsStudents   foods2 

* Clothing and Textiles
Garment Construction and Designing Techniques

 * Cosmetology

Core Subjects

* English Language
English Literature

Complementary Subjects

* Physical Education
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Physics)
Social Sciences
Visual & Performing Arts
Music and Religious Education
Technical Drawing


(Grade 12 & 13)

Entry Requirement                                             

Prospective students wishing to join the Sixth Form Programme must:

* not be older than 18 years old upon enrolment.
* have achieved at least 5 CXC passes with range one (I) and two (II), (English “A”
being   compulsory for all areas)

* have obtained a range one (I) or two (II) pass in Mathematics in order to pursue
courses in Sciences and Business Studies.

* have obtained passes in at least two subjects complementary to the course of
studies the individual wishes to pursue.

 Areas of Study

The Sixth Form Programme offers the following areas of study:


Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food and Nutrition, Mathematics, Physics


Management of Business, Accounts, Economics

 Liberal Arts

Sociology, Literatures in English, History

 Compulsory Courses

Communication Studies

Caribbean Studies

 Opportunities to be Gained

As Six Form students you will get the opportunity to participate in the following, in addition to your academic pursuit

·  Extra Curricular activities

.  Community Service

·  Student Leadership

·  Mentorship Programme